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      I am just wondering, What do you mean by “Global Leadership”? What does the word “Leadership” stand for here? What leadership quality, are you thinking, will be achieved after successful completion of the course?

      Thanking you very much

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      Judy Fleiter

      Greetings Dr Mahmud, and thank you for this question. Leadership means different things to different people, and in the road safety field, leaders can be found everywhere. We do not intend ‘leadership’ to mean only those people who are decision makers/political leaders. Rather, we intend to build leadership capacity among the many different people who work on road safety around the world. In some instances, this might mean providing knowledge to those who make policy decisions. Other times this could mean providing evidence-based technical knowledge about how to improve road safety to journalists, advocates, engineers, police officers etc so that they can advocate for improving the way their city or country addresses road safety. Leadership also means leading by example, so if people understand the evidence behind the interventions that have been shown to improve road safety outcomes (e.g., always wearing a seatbelt) then they are setting a good example and can also use this knowledge to help advocate for change in their country if, for example, seatbelts are not yet compulsory. I hope this explanation provides some insights into the naming of the GRSLC.

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