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What Our Alumni Say about GRSLC

After attending the Global Road Safety Leadership Course, I realized road safety is not only about laws, but about so much more, including infrastructure, post-trauma care, data, road safety management. There are so many aspects to road safety. And experience in the course allowed me to interact with colleagues from all around the world.

Mary Richard
My experience at the Global Road Safety Leadership Course was eye opening. It is a unique chance to exchange experiences, knowledge, and most of all certainty that change must be made to the way our public policies guide urban mobility and road safety.

Omar Jacob
The Global Road Safety Leadership Course will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and shared experiences from fellow road safety advocates from around the world and help you become an effective catalyst for road safety.

Oliver Tanseco
Through the course, we’ve been able to network and share our stories. We were able to learn from leaders spanning from academia and government, to engineering and police and law enforcement.

Daphne Kemunto

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