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The disparities found in road safety development

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      The disparities found in traffic are the result of cultural, social and educational disparities in World regions or countries with low, medium or high income in these regions.
      In the same way, we find these disparities in many cities around the world. For example, in a city like Salvador, we find a huge social disparity. Of course, we will have many difficulties in improving road safety at less educated social levels. The great difficulty is to achieve behavioral changes in a society that, when receive penalities for speeding, the people believe still claims that it was wronged by a penalities factory for municipal taxes revenue.

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      Yeah, you are very right Antonio. But on top of what you have mentioned, we need to also acknowledge the concern of financial and economic differentials as one other cause of traffic management disparity especially among the low and middle income countries where even funds to pay low enforcers in borrowed. Construction of standard roads and maintenance is a huge challenge due to limited financial muscle.

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